Finding a solution in a moment of panic

When COVID-19 struck the United States, few knew how to help. People were falling sick at an alarming rate, with hospitals and medical staff quickly becoming overwhelmed. In an effort to help in any way possible, Marc Aarons, governor of Rotary District 5320, sprang into action, using Givsum to efficiently find and organize volunteers to assemble about 71,000 face shields and raise about $143,000.  

How Marc is making a change

Now Marc is taking action to make more lasting change in the community. Using Givsum, Marc gathered data and contact information to contact volunteers who helped with Project Face Shield to tell them his idea: a new digital rotary club. By starting a new club, Marc plans to break rotary stereotypes and inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to get involved with service projects. 

Service project turned new Rotary Club

This new club has already attracted thirty-four members, but Marc doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon, aiming to be the biggest Rotary Club there is, therefore also increasing its impact on the community. Marc plans to bring the community together to form a consensus about service projects and outreach, because what’s important to the people will benefit the community overall. 

So how will this all happen? How will this new rotary club become the biggest one? How will it’s projects have the same impact as Project Face Shield? Marc’s answer: through Givsum. Givsum makes it easy for users to sign up for service projects and to get connected with Rotary members near them. Like Givsum, Rotary seeks to be a force for good in their community, and the combined impact will be monumental, especially with your help. Thank you, Marc, for helping lead during troubled times and into the future!

Marc Aarons Modeling a Volunteer-Made Face Shield