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Creating Charity Raffles*

Givsum makes it easy to start a raffle in mere minutes, giving your supporters a fun way to help your organization raise funds. Customize your raffle and make it your own. It’s easy, we’ll show you how! (*Check your local and state laws to ensure your compliance.) 

Ticketed Entries

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Whether you sell, take donations, or give them away to attendees to determine door prizes, Givsum makes it easy to generate numbered tickets.

Drawing Options

nonprofit raffle tickets givsum platform

Participants of your golf tournament can purchase golf packages, sponsorships, items, and contribute donations all from one easy checkout.

Convenient Tracking

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Because it’s done digitally, you have a complete record of everyone who participates, making it easy to follow up with your winners.


nonprofit automation charity givsum raffles

Whether you sell, take donations, or give them away to attendees to determine door prizes, Givsum makes it easy to generate numbered tickets.

 Signup • Purchase Tickets • Win

Everything you need to create, organize, and manage your raffle is also connected to Givsum’s full suite of online tools.

nonprofit charity raffles givsum platform

Givsum Makes Running Raffles Easy

Lighten the weight off of your shoulders when managing your fundraising event this year. Your charitable organization will raise more money and cultivate more donor relationships by using online tools that are designed to streamline your process.

Raffles In 3 Easy Steps

With Givsum, you can do more than just conduct a raffle. You get a comprehensive platform that integrates your raffle with the rest of your organization’s operations.

Easy to use, easy to share, and easy to collect your funds. With just a few clicks, you’ll have your raffle ready to go live in 3 easy steps:

 Step 1: Create Raffle Packages

nonprofit charity raffles givsum platform

Givsum allows raffle tickets to be sold individually or in packages of any quantity, i.e. 5 for $10, or 50 for $25. Admins can quickly create an unlimited number of raffle packages and individual raffle items.*

Step 2: Promote Raffle to Supporters

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With one click, raffle opportunities can be shared to social media, placed on Givsum user profiles, and promoted to your organization’s supporter groups through Givsum’s email/text messaging tools.*

Step 3: Select a Winner from the Registration Desk

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As donors purchase raffle tickets, their names and tickets will populate in the “Registration Desk.” Winners can then be drawn by simply clicking the “Raffle” button, which will quickly select a winning ticket!*

Raffle Resources

Secure and cost-effective payment processing allows for seamless credit card usage. Attendees can easily purchase tickets, items, packages and make donations all from one easy checkout.

Automated receipts include the potential deduction for tax purposes, a custom thank you message, and digital tickets.

nonprofit charity raffle platform givsum
nonprofit charity raffle givsum platform

With the “Share the Love” button, your charitable organizations can increase sales by quickly sharing your tournament page to social media walls, emails, and user profiles.

Track incoming purchases and learn new insights through Givsum’s comprehensive analytics page.

Givsum data is cloud-based and can be accessed by an unlimited number of admins. Raise more money with less time and effort with the power of Givsum.

With easy to use software, your event will be more organized than ever before. Manage your event with ease, generate reports, and keep track of donations and sales, all in one place.

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Ready to Start?

Your new raffle is just a click away!