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Ticketed Events

Quickly sell tickets for anytime of fundraising event on Givsum.

Create custom tickets with QR codes, automatic personalized thank you emails, guest groupings, and more.

nonprofit charity ticketsCustom Tickets

Customize your tickets for your event. Add your charitable organization’s branding to your tickets with your own images, colors, description, promo codes, price, and more.

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QR Codes

Event check-in has never been easier! Check-in guests by quickly scanning their QR ticket code directly from a supporter’s phone or printed ticket.  (No special hardware required.)


Attach an unlimited number of questions to tickets, i.e. eating restrictions, how did the attendee hear about the event, special instructions, etc… Questions attached to tickets are available for reports.

fundraising software embed widget Automated Emails

Purchased tickets are delivered to supporters by email and can be reassigned to others or donated back to the organization.  A customized thank you can also be attached to the ticket receipts.

 Charitable Organizations Love Selling Tickets On Givsum

Everything you need is in one place to create, promote, and sell tickets to your charitable event!  From small gatherings to large galas or Golf Tournaments, Givsum has your ticketed event covered! 

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Customize Your Tickets

Your charitable organization can sell tickets (free or priced) to events of any size.  Whether you are selling general admission to a golf tournament, VIP seats to a concert, or sponsorship tickets to gala, Givsum’s full list of ticket features has you covered!  

Create dated event pages, attach an unlimited number of tickets, and/or sell items from your organization’s profile page.  Sell multiple tickets in packages, and encourage donors to include an additional donation along with their purchase.

Provide deductible amounts for each ticket, set ticket limits, or hide tickets when necessary.  Advanced features include promo codes, sponsorship packages, and bulk tickets. 

Promo Codes

Create a promotional strategy with discount codes to encourage ticket sales. Add as many promo codes as you would like. 


Tickets can be specially designated as a sponsorship in the purchase menu. Companies can easily buy sponsorships to support your cause.

Hiding & Limiting Tickets

Manage speecial tickets by hiding or limiting them when necessary anytime before your event. Hide them until a certain day, i.e. “early bird” tickets, or limit the amount of tickets available.

Creating & Selling Tickets

Creating and selling your completely customizable tickets has never been easier. We’ll show you how in this quick walk-through video. 

 Checking In Guests

Need to include walk-in tickets? Void tickets? Resend receipts? Reassign tickets? The process is easy and seamless. Let us show you how.

Ticket Resources

Secure and cost-effective payment processing allows for seamless credit card usage.

Supporters can easily purchase tickets all from one easy checkout.  

Automated receipts include the potential deduction for tax purposes, a custom thank you message, and links to view receipts on Givsum.  

With the “Share the Love” button, your organization can increase sales by quickly sharing your item pages to social media walls, to email contacts, and user profiles. 

Track all supporter purchases and learn new insights through Givsum’s comprehensive analytics page.  

Givsum data is cloud-based and can be accessed by an unlimited number of admins. Raise more money with less time and effort with the power of Givsum. 

With easy to use software, your store items will be more organized than ever before. Manage your ticket sales with ease, generate reports, and keep track of purchases all in one place. 


Ready to Begin?

Start creating your ticketed fundraising event today!