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Reports and Data

Your supporter reports and data hold valuable insights to your organization’s success and growth.

We’ve thought of all of the important information you need and have placed it in one location, so you can focus your attention on relationship building and organization management.

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Navigate Your Success

Leverage data to identify growth areas within your organization, including top supporters, user campaigns, and successful events.

Custom Reports

Create custom reports with variable date ranges, events/campaigns, supporter lists, total amounts, survey responses, engagement, and percentage numbers.  

Upload and Export Data

Upload supporter data onto Givsum, including past contributions and volunteer activity.  At any time, all Givsum data can be exported to csv files. 

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Data and Analytics Working Together

Alongside reports and data are analytic pages to help you visualize demographics, location, and supporter engagement.

Reports and Data to Understand Your Supporters

Givsum allows admins to quickly generate supporter reports from campaigns, events, memberships, and volunteer activities to gain insights into supporter behavior.

All your data, all in one place on Givsum!

Givsum’s comprehensive platform allow for easy report analysis, display, and insights. With auto-generated and custom reporting, we have you covered.

Summary Data Page

The Givsum Summary page holds all your campaign and event supporter data in one location for quick and easy access.  Display tabs include donations, summary receipts, volunteers, tickets, items, and invoices.

Each tab includes print buttons and csv downloads, as well as links to supporter profiles, ledger reports, and receipts.

Along with detailed data displays, the Summary page includes total engagement reports and pdf downloads for easy sharing with organization leadership. 


Once a campaign or event is created, Givsum will automatically generate a Summary page for data reference.  Admins can review the page as much as needed and manage all incoming donations, volunteers, and event attendees.

Review Data

From the Summary page, admins can review total donor transactions, logged contributions, fees covered, tickets/sponsorships purchased, items purchased, packages purchased, and total supporter engagement. 

 Run Reports

Easily download and export all data and track progress from all individuals and teams. View reports on donations made, tickets purchased, and all activity in real time. All data and analytics are stored in one place. 

Custom and Auto-Generated Reports

View your organization’s supporter data from auto-generated reports and customize your own reports to find detailed supporter insights.

Auto-generated reports include donors, attendees, members, followers, and volunteers. Custom reports can be filtered by date, campaign/event, supporter type, donation totals, and survey answers.

Further reporting can be generated from the ledger, summary page, and supporter profiles.   

Pair reports with analytics for a full picture of supporter engagement, including traffic, page activity, transaction dates, demographics, location, and devices.  

Download analytic reports and graphs for easy sharing and presentations.  

Givsum data and reporting is cloud-based and can be accessed by an unlimited number of admins. Raise more money with less time and effort with the power of Givsum. 

With easy to use software, your event will be more organized than ever before. Manage your event with ease, generate reports, and keep track of donations and sales, all in one place. 


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