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Donation Embeds & Widgets

Leverage Givsum’s embeds and widgets to quickly place donor, member, and purchase checkouts directly onto your organization’s website.

Branded Embeds and Widgets

Givsum’s embeds and widgets are customized for your organization with primary colors, organization logo, and donation amounts.

Copy and Paste Embed/Widget Code

There’s no coding required to implement Givum’s embeds and widgets onto your website. Simply copy and paste where desired.

Phone Optimized

Givsum’s embeds and widgets require no hassle and are optimized to work on any size screen. Receive more donations on every device. 

fundraising software embed widget

Extra Features

Donation embeds and widgets include anonymous features, tributes, recurring frequency, and comment fields.    

Donation Widget

By using Givsum’s Donation Widget you can add a “donate” button to any page allowing your visitors to donate from your website. 

The donation widget opens up on top of the your webpage removing the need for required space for an iframe embed. Click HERE for advanced usage. 

Try it for yourself. Click the Donate button! ↑

Donation & Purchase Embeds

Givsum’s embed creates an iframe donation form that lives directly on your website, allowing supporters to donate, make purchases, or pay membership dues directly from the page. Installation is quick.

Simply copy and paste the code provided in your charity “Settings” and place it on the backend of your website.