Online Charity Auctions

Engaging, customizable charitable online auctions that will excite your donors without the inconvenience of bid sheets or manual payments.*

online charity auction

Easy To Create

nonprofit fundraising platform

Set up your online auction in minutes. Completely customize everything: photos, descriptions, starting bids, and more.

Unlimited Items

online charity auction

List as many auction items as you would like. From a local auction to a global event, the possibilities are endless.

Easy to Share

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Expand your network of supporters by easily sharing your auction on all social platforms, email, etc.

Online Bidding

online charity auction

Bidders can bid from any device, anywhere! Bid from your phone, tablet, or laptop in any location.

Online Auctions

Your charitable organization can have an online auction up in minutes through the power of Givsum.

online charity auction

Givsum Makes Auction Planning Easy

You don’t have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders when managing your charity auction this year. Your organization will raise more money and allow you to nurture better relationships with your donors and attendees by placing your auction online.

online charity auction

Bid from any device, anywhere.

Your donors and supporters can participate in your online auction from any device, no matter if they are near or far.

Perfect for in-person, hybrid, or completely virtual events.

Expand the reach of your charitable auction and receive more support than ever before.

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Create and Customize In Minutes

Completely customize your auction and create  beautiful online pages in minutes.

Brand your online auction with your own title, descriptions, conditions, and pickup instructions.

Upload multiple photos per listing and set bid amounts and increments.

Display auction item contributors and sponsors.

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Unlimited Listings

Run auctions big or small!

Create as many online auction items with an unlimited amount of listings.

Have more than one of the same item? No problem! Easily allow multiple winners on the same listing if you have duplicates of the same item available.

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Boost Engagement & Donations

Host a hybrid or virtual auction that allows participants to engage from any location.

Live bidding drives your donors and supporters while increasing donations and bidding activity.

Bidders can comment on their auction items in real-time, encouraging auction engagement.

With a live fundraising goal bar, your supporters can donate to your organization even if they don’t participate in your auction.

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Direct Text & Email Communication

Quickly and easily communicate with your bidders and donors.

Automatic outbid text alerts notify your bidders and encourage them to re-bid.

Automated emails and texts notify winners.

You can also craft and send your own texts and emails to anyone participating in your auction.

nonprofit peer to peer

Expand Your Reach: Share & Promote

Promote your charitable auction through the power of peer-to-peer.

With the click of a button, your supporters can share your online auction with their entire network.

Alert your family and friends of your upcoming charity auction to any social media platform, via email, or by sharing the link directly.

More Online Auction Features

donation form embed MIX AND MATCH FEATURES

Build one fundraising opportunity with multiple fundraising features, such as adding a raffle & selling store items with your auction.

auction analytics dataAUCTION ANALYTICS & DATA

Generate custom reports from automated data and analytics.

automated receiptsAUTOMATED TAX RECEIPTS

Bidders will automatically receive an email in their inbox when they won an auction item.

golf tournament charity nonprofitEMAIL & TEXT COMMUNICATION

Generate impactful messages before, during, and after the auction via email templates or text.

nonprofit golf tournaments  EASY ADMIN CHECKOUT

Givsum auctions give admins simplified bid processing at the end of your auction.

online charity auctionSET BID INCREMENTS

You have the power to set custom bid increments for each auction item listing.

nonprofit text emailAUTOMATED THANK YOU NOTES

Custom design thank you notes for automated delivery with purchase receipts.

golf tournament software FUNDRAISING & INVOICING

Easily add a donate button to your auction page and invoice sponsorships as commitments are made.


Supporters use authorized Payment Methods (credit card, debit card, or Apple Pay) at the auction. Winners are charged for their purchases at the end of bidding. You and the winners are notified. Simply distribute the winning items. Check-outs have never been so easy!

How To: Create Your Auction on Givsum

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