Introduction to Givsum


  • Welcome to the first course of the Givsum Ambassador Program!  My name is Cailyn and I will be your host, making the journey alongside you as we navigate through the power and complexity of the Givsum platform.  

    Today’s course is an overview and introduction to Givsum, as well as an exploration of Givsum’s unique design as a user facing giving platform. 

    Joining us today  is Joan, Givsum’s onboarding specialist and Product Manager, as well as Shawn Wehan, Givsum’s co-founder and CEO.  They will be helping us examine the Givsum platform from the 30K foot view, and set us up for the more in-depth courses that are soon to come.

    Let’s start with Joan.  Hi Joan, please share with our Ambassadors what is the Givsum platform?  What are the features that make Givsum such a great product?