User Based

  • Givsum is focused on the donor world. The donor does not need a charity to donate, they can create their own user campaign
  • Our platform allows for the member to do all of their philanthropy stuff and highlight what they’re doing in relation to the Club 
  • Clubs can see all of the people that are contributing to not only their entity but also other entities in the ecosystem of philanthropy
  • We are much more dynamic system than just a fundraising system 
    • When Givsum was started, we were the volunteers, we were the donors
  • An ambassador understands that, and can promote that within their club. It’s not just for the admin, its for every member
  • Ambassadors can take ownership 
    • Diagrams will be very important
  • The donor facing major aspect is what sets Givsum apart
  • What Givsum can do is help Club Ambassadors understand is who is engaged and who isn’t 
    • If you’re looking at lead gen, look at who’s attending events, whos is engaged
  • What we’re seeing is that 15% of attendees to this certain event and they’re also involved in 5 other events and 3 other charities too, So these are the people you want engaged in your So these are the people you want engaged in your Club 

Full Suite of Tools

  • Ambassadors need to understand Givsum’s full suite of tools
  • They need to know what this platform does at the most macro level, and then take a step back, and then take a step back
  • Primary features:
    • Donation vertical