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Emails, Surveys, & Texts

Tend to your donor relationships with beautiful email and text messages. 

Show your supporters that you value their thoughts and opinions through campaign surveys.

fundraising software charity nonprofitCustom Emails

Customize your emails and notify your supporters about your events, their purchases, donations, memberships and more. All of your donors and volunteers can be contacted from one place.

Text Messages

Text-to-give will engage your charitable organization’s supporters more than ever before, communicating  directly to their smart phones and encouraging engagement.

Survey Supporters

Before, during, and after an event, you can survey your supporters to solicit their feedback and ideas.   Attach surveys to donations, tickets, memberships, and store items. 

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Schedule emails, texts, and surveys to go out at specific dates and times.  Manage communications for major events beforehand so you can have more time to focus on your guests!


Our easy to use email templates allows you to add your own photos, messaging, links, and more with a touch of a button. Givsum makes it simple for you to contact your donors and volunteers.

fundraising emails nonprofit charity software

Givsum Makes Emailing Easy

Create personal nonprofit emails with all of your donor’s information stored on Givsum, including your supporter’s name, fundraising data, donations, and more. 


fundraising charity nonprofit survey questions

Create unlimited numbers of surveys to attach to tickets, donations, store items, memberships, volunteer activities, and general fundraising campaigns. 

Survey supporters directly, gathering data, insights, feedback, and new ideas for future fundraisers.

Quickly Build Your Survey

With Givsum’s survey builder, you can create questions involving multiple choice, dropdown selections, fill-in-the blank, paragraph answers, dates, numbers, and single selection answers.

Attach Surveys to Any Givsum Campaign or Event

Once your survey is created, you can attach survey questions to ticketed events, general donations, membership purchases, volunteer activities and/or email messages. 

Review Answers and Gain Deeper Insights

Survey answers can be viewed from the survey portal, summary page, and registration desk, to develop a better understanding and appreciation of attendee, donor, and volunteer information.   

Text Messages

Quickly create text messages to announce events, campaign updates, and future fundraising opportunities.  Include a link to your event page, encouraging further donations and engagement.



fundraising text messages nonprofit charity
fundraising text messages nonprofit charity

Send a general or campaign targeted text message to custom groups, attendees, donors, volunteers, and/or members of your organization.  

Set a text message for immediate delivery or schedule a specific date/time for future text communication. 

Create and review delivered and scheduled messages, recipient lists, and drafts, all from one location.  

Supporters can easily opt-in and opt-out at any time, so you can focus on managing the message and content.  


fundraising text messages nonprofit charity

Ready to Begin?

Start inspiring your supporters today with emails, texts, and surveys!