Alan McCann is one of the original founders of Givsum, running the tech side of the company. From organizing the platform to implementing the new features, Givsum wouldn’t exist without Alan, so let’s get to know him a bit more.

Alan got his undergraduate degree in computer engineering in his home country of Canada and has been involved in the technology industry for most of his career. In his first few positions, he would lead sales and marketing teams. However, after getting his green card, Alan switched to the world of startups and consulting so as to not move around as much. Then, after many introductions, he met the other founders of Givsum. 

Alan met other Givsum founders Shawn Wehan and Robert Kollar through the networking organization, Future Leaders of Our Community, that exposed young professionals to the world of nonprofits. During this experience, they quickly realized that the tools charities were using for fundraising, organizing, donating, etc. were not where they needed to be and thus the idea for Givsum was born!

Amazingly, Alan thinks that the original Givsum vision hasn’t changed at all. There have been bumps in the road and changes in strategy, naturally, but the central goal, to provide nonprofits with a comprehensive management platform that increases their efficiency and effectiveness, has never wavered. 

So, what is the future of Givsum? Alan sees Givsum becoming THE platform for philanthropic endeavors. Nonprofits can see that Givsum can be an integral part of their success, containing all the tools for them to better promote themselves. Additionally, he sees the platform as a place where volunteers can find the best programs for themselves. How will this be achieved? With you! Users are the key to taking Givsum to the next level. Thank you Alan for helping bring Givsum to where it is today!