Golf Tournaments

Create and customize a golf tournament in just a few minutes.  Tickets, donations, sponsorships, and volunteers are all taken care of so you can focus on the tee off!

Make it your own

Givsum’s beautiful Golf Tournament template can be fully customized to include your organization’s colors, logo, images, and supporting sponsors.

Sell Tickets and Sponsorships

Participants of your golf tournament can purchase golf packages, sponsorships, items, and contribute donations all from one easy checkout.

Organize like never before

Easily organize golfers into foursomes, volunteers into shift/roles, and sponsors into VIP groups for easy check-in and check-out.

Your data is all in one place

Track ticket sales, sponsorships, donations, item purchases, invoices, page analytics, and attendee information all from one site.

 Signup • Donate • Check In • Golf

Givsum is sophisticated software that makes golf tournaments simple.  You don’t need to overthink it, because Givsum has already thought it through! 

Givsum Makes Golf Tournament Planning Easy

You don’t have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders when managing your golf tournament this year. Your organization will raise more money and allow you to nurture better relationships with your donors and attendees by placing your golf tournament online.

Golf Tournament Features

Tickets, Packages, & Items

Create an unlimited number of tickets, sponsorship packages, and items to sell.   

Registration and Walk-In Desk

Check-in golfers as they arrive and register new walk-in attendees.  

Volunteer Management

Reach an audience looking for ways to help.  Schedule volunteers with shifts and roles throughout the day.  

Email and Text Communication

Generate impactful messages before, during, and after the tournament via email templates or text. 

Detailed Summary & Reporting

Make sense of your most important metrics all in one location, including tournament page analytics.  

Fundraise & Invoicing

Easily add a donate button to your golf tournament page and invoice sponsorships as commitments are made. 

Automated Thank You Notes 

Custom design thank you notes for automated delivery with purchase receipts. 

Embed Codes for Checkout 

Embed Givsum code into any website for quick and easy attendee checkout. 

Golf Tournament Resources

Secure and cost-effective payment processing allows for seamless credit card use. Attendees can easily purchase tickets, items, packages and make donations all from one easy checkout.  

Automated receipts include the potential deduction for tax purposes, a custom thank you message, and digital tickets.  

With the “Share the Love” button, your charitable organizations can increase sales by quickly sharing your tournament page to social media walls, emails, and user profiles. 

Track your incoming donations and purchases in real-time and learn new insights from Givsum’s comprehensive analytics page. Learn to raise more money in less time and with less effort with the power of Givsum! 

With easy to use software, your event will be more organized than ever before. Manage your event with ease, generate reports, and keep track of donations and sales, all in one place. 


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