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Membership Management

Use Givsum to manage your memberships, manage supporters, track performance, manage fundraising campaigns, edit recurring donations, build reports, and more.

See all of your fundraising activity in one place while gaining insight on your supporters and managing their donations. 

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Customize your emails and notify your members about your events, purchases, donations, membership and more. Personalized email and text messasging will engage your supporters more than ever before. All of your members can be contacted from one place.

fundraising software charity nonprofitMember Profiles

All of your charitable organization’s members can create their own profiles for free on Givsum. Personal member profile photos can be added, a short bio, and their favorite chartiable organization can be shown on their profile. 



Set your membership cost, invoice duration, create membership packages, include personalized invoice notes. Givsum gives you the option to set your invoice duration and expiration date.

Survey Members

Before, during, and after an event, you can survey your members to solicit their feedback and ideas.  Attach surveys to donations, ticket, memberships, and store items. Show you members some love by getting their input. 

 Take The Stress Out Of Membership Management

Givsum is sophisticated software designed to keep contacting and managing your organization’s members simple and affordable.  We know how time-consuming and stressful it can be. Givsum has you covered!

Givsum Makes Member Management Easy

Lighten the weight off of your shoulders when managing your members. Your charitable organization will raise more money and cultivate more donor relationships by taking your fundraising golf tournaments online and directly to your donors and attendees. 

Member Management Resources

Get a complete view of your member’s current and past fundraising activity  to best engage them for future events.

See their volunteer hours, donations, preferances, and interests to keep members excited about your charitable works. 

Reporting and data analytics can easily be shared with members of your charitable organization.

See a high-level view of individual campaign performance or an overview of your organization’s performance. Sharing this information with your members will make fundraising more efficient. 

Givsum data is cloud-based and can be accessed by an unlimited number of admins. Raise more money with less time and effort with our powerful software. 

With easy to use software, your event will be more organized than ever before. Manage your members with ease, generate reports, and keep track of donations and sales, all in one place. 


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