Online and In-Person Auctions

With Givsum’s auction software, you can create engaging and customized auctions that will captivate your donors, eliminating the hassle of bid sheets or manual payments*, and have them excited to participate.

online charity auction

Easy To Create

Easy to set up online charity auctions with Givsum fundraising platform

Set up your auction in minutes. Completely customize everything: photos, descriptions, starting bids, and more!

Unlimited Items

List unlimited auction items for your online fundraising auction with Givsum software

List as many auction items as you would like, whether you curate your own items or select items from the Auction Catalog!

Easy to Share

Easy Social sharing of online charity fundraising auctions with Givsum software

Not only can you share your auction on social media, email, etc., but so can anyone else; helping grow awareness of your event! 

Mobile Bidding

Supports mobile bidding for online charity auction

Bidders can bid from any internet-connected device: from a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer, from any location. 

Setting Up An Auction Has Never Been So Easy!

You can have an auction up in minutes

online charity auction

Auction Planning Is Fun With Givsum!

You don’t have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders when managing your auction. By using better tools, you’ll have more time to work smarter, not harder, resulting in more money raised and more meaningful relationships nurtured with your donors and attendees.

Participate in online charity auctions from any internet connected device

Bid from any internet-connected device, anywhere

No one likes hovering over a sheet of paper and elbowing away other bidders or trying to watch over two bid sheets at once. Instead, give your auction participants the ability to select the items they want and bid digitally, giving you the chance to raise the most possible at your auction!

nonprofit auction

Create And Customize An Auction In Minutes

Customize an auction with your own title, descriptions, conditions, and pickup instructions. Upload multiple photos per listing, set opening bid amounts, and bidding increments. You can even display auction item contributors and/or sponsors!

Add unlimited auction items with Givsum fundraising platform

Unlimited Listings

Run a quick small auction or an elaborate auction that’s as big as your imagination!

Add as many auction items as you’d like. Have more than one of the same item? No problem! You can allow multiple winners for the same listing, if you have more than one item available.

nonprofit text email

Direct Text & Email Communication

Real-time announcements to your auction participants is easy when using Givsum. When participants are outbid on an item, they can receive text alerts to encourage them to re-bid. When the auction closes, winners can receive automated notifications via email and text. You can also craft and send your own emails and texts to anyone participating in your auction.

Easily share and promote you nonprofit fundraising auction on social platforms

Expand Your Reach: Share & Promote

The best way to promote your auction is by leveraging your social networks. Alert your family and friends of your upcoming auction through any social media platform, via email, or by sharing the link directly with others. Best of all, whoever sees what you’ve promoted can easily pass along what you’ve shared with the click of a button out to their social networks, and so on and so on!

Givsum’s Auction Software Features

Multiple fundraising features for your charity auctions MIX AND MATCH FEATURES

Build one fundraising opportunity with multiple fundraising features, such as adding a raffle and selling store items with your auction.

auction analytics dataAUCTION ANALYTICS & DATA

Generate custom reports from automated data and analytics.

automated receiptsAUTOMATED TAX RECEIPTS

Winners will automatically receive an emailed receipt of what they’ve won.

golf tournament charity nonprofitEMAIL & TEXT COMMUNICATION

Generate impactful messages before, during, and after an auction via email or text. 

Givsum Auction Software offers easy checkout process for online charity auctions  EASY ADMIN CHECKOUT

Once an auction closes, all winners will have their payment methods automatically charged for their winning bids, which means all you have to do at the end of the event is hand the winners their purchased items.

Set bid increment for online charity auctionSET BID INCREMENTS

However much you’d like to set as a bidding increment is totally up to you.

nonprofit text emailAUTOMATED THANK YOU NOTES

Create customized thank you notes for automated delivery with purchase receipts.

Quick set up of fundraising & invoicing with Givsum’s online charity auction platform FUNDRAISING & INVOICING

Easily add a donate button to your auction page and invoice sponsorships as commitments are made.

Givsum online charity auction software offers authorized payment methods


Participants use authorized Payment Methods (credit card, debit card, or Apple Pay) at the auction. Winners are automatically charged for their purchases at the end of bidding. You and the winners are notified. Simply distribute the winning items. Check-outs have never been so easy!

Are you ready to use Givsum?