nonprofit peer to peer fundraising platform

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising & Team Giving

Fuel your fundraising efforts and expand your donor base through powerful peer-to-peer campaigns and team focused competitions.

Created & Promoted By Donors

nonprofit fundraising platform

Empower your supporters to create, post, and recruit peer-to-peer and team giving campaigns for your events or directly on behalf of your organization. Funds raised are deposited to your organization’s account within 1-3 business days.

Grow Beyond Your Current Network

peer to peer nonprofit fundraising platform

Supporters can quickly share peer-to-peer and team giving campaigns to their networks through social media platforms, email contact lists, and user profiles. It’s fun and easy to generate support and encourage giving.

Recruit New Supporters Through Participation

nonprofit peer to peer fundraising platform

Peer-to-peer and team giving events are effective sources of lead generation for nonprofits. When Givsum fundraising campaigns are shared by your supporters, they introduce you to a new audience that’s ready to join your efforts.

Build Goodwill Through Communication

peer to peer givsum

Quickly communicate with your growing donor community through peer-to-peer and team campaign page updates, emails, text messages through the Givsum platform. By keeping supporters informed, you help keep them motivated.

Power to the People

Peer-to-peer and team giving campaigns allow your supporters to get excited about your charitable cause.  Within minutes, supporters can leverage their network to build awareness and find new donors in a fun and competitive way. 

nonprofit peer to peer fundraising platform givsum

Get Personal 

Givsum’s customizable fundraising pages make things personal for your supporters. Donors and volunteers participating in team giving can let their personalities shine through with their own wording, photos, and unique content on their campaign pages. Participants can easily update and encourage one another in a matter of seconds. Team giving increases collaboration, brainstorming, and productivity.

Peer-to-Peer Campaigns

nonprofit peer to peer fundraising platform team giving givsum

Supporters can create an unlimited number of campaigns to promote. Admins can easily track peer-to-peer and team giving activity all from their organization’s dashboard.

Givsum allows both admins and supporters to add and manage participants and teams, all in one place.

Leaderboards can be customized as can prizes and rewards for reaching their fundraising goals.

Start a campaign

Supporters can quickly “Start a Campaign” for any organization from their profile page or participating event pages.  Campaigns can be customized and updated at any time throughout the duration of the campaign. 


Peer-to-peer and team campaigns can be set for a duration of time, include a goal bar, multiple images, general description, campaign updates, and turned on to deliver admin email notifications.      

 Assess Data

Easily download and export donor data from all peer-to-peer and team campaigns. View leaderboards, run reports, and communicate with donors through campaign emails, text messages, and campaign updates.  

Competitive Team Giving

Encourage your teams and team members to raise funds with fun and unique fundraising features.

Thermometers, real-time leaderboards, and donor updates will motivate individuals and teams alike to compete with one another and raise more funds.

Incentivize supporters with prizes, awards, or badges and let the fundraising fun begin! 

nonprofit peer to peer fundraising platform
nonprofit team giving fundraising platform

Team members can promote their campaigns by using the “Share the Love” button, which places those campaigns on social media walls, sends them out through email, and showcases them on user profiles. 

As donations come in, team members will show “Inspired Dollars” on their dashboard, increasing their Givsum Score and impact.   

Team campaign data is cloud-based on Givsum and can be accessed by any team member and/or organization admin.

Downloadable data makes it easy to report back to your organization’s leadership. Raise more money with less time and effort with the power of Givsum. 

With easy to use software, your campaigns will be more organized than ever before. Manage your fundraisers with ease, generate reports, and keep track of donations, all in one place. 


nonprofit team giving platform

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