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Online Merchandise Store for Nonprofits

Sell custom fundraising items, sponsorships, and event packages online using Givsum! We make it easy and affordable for you to quickly create an online store to start selling items and raising funds today.

Custom Store Listings

nonprofit online store selling

Create store items for your event or organization. With a few quick clicks, you can upload item images, quantities, deductible amounts, and number of items left.

Market Items to Your Network

Quickly spread the word about your items for sale and expand your marketing reach with Givsum’s sharable social links, email, and text communication.

Easy 3 Part Checkout

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Supporters can quickly select their items through Givsum’s three-part-checkout, and add a donation to their purchase if they so desire.

Keep Data Stored In One Place

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Keep track of item sales, sponsorships, packages, and supporter invoices, all in one place – conveniently located on the Summary Page.

Best Online Charity Store

Easily create and sell items, sponsorships, and event packages with Givsum’s customizable store feature.

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Givsum Makes Online Selling Easy

You don’t have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders when selling items online to support your charitable organization. Your nonprofit or service club will raise more money and keep better track of merchandise, event packages, and sponsorships sold, leaving more time for you to support the causes you love.

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With Givsum, you can create packages that include multiple items and tickets.

For example, if you are holding a golf tournament, you can create a package that includes 4 tickets for golfing, 4 golf hats, and 4 dinner tickets.

To encourage larger purchases, you can discount the price and sell the package for less than the purchasing price of individual items.

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Make your sponsors feel appreciated by featuring their brand on your fundraising and volunteer opportunity pages.

Sell sponsorships tickets or packages and display your sponsors logo or name to your supporters on your campaign pages, giving them the recognition they deserve. 

Sell Items and Fundraise!

nonprofit online store selling givsum platfrom charity

Your charitable organization can sell items to help raise funds for your special cause.  Whether you are selling t-shirts, books, coffee mugs, hats, or event sponsorships, you can list any item with your own title, description, and image, for a stated price or suggested donation amount.

Create ongoing store pages, attach items to event pages, and/or sell items from your organization’s profile page.  Sell multiple items in packages, and encourage donors to include an additional donation along with their purchase.

Provide deductible amounts for each item and include a personalized thank you note that can be attached to supporter receipts.

Quickly Create Store Items

nonprofit online store selling

From the Store, you can select the name, description, image, quantity, deductible amount, and availability of any item that you would like to sell.

Include Donor Questions

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Create Survey questions and attach those questions to any item.

i.e. “What size shirt?” or “Shipping Address?”

Attach Items to Campaigns

nonprofit charity online store selling givsum

Select the campaigns or event pages that you would like to associate with the  items being sold.  Include items in sponsorships and packages.

Selling Resources

Secure and cost-effective payment processing allows for seamless credit card usage.

Supporters can easily purchase items, sponsorships, packages and make donations all from one easy checkout.  

Automated receipts include the potential deduction for tax purposes, a custom thank you message, and links to view receipts on Givsum.  

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nonprofit charity store givsum selling online platform merchandise

With the “Share the Love” button, your organization can increase sales by quickly sharing your item pages to social media walls, to email contacts, and user profiles. 

Track all supporter purchases and learn new insights through Givsum’s comprehensive analytics page.  

Givsum data is cloud-based and can be accessed by an unlimited number of admins. Raise more money with less time and effort with the power of Givsum. 

With easy to use software, your store items will be more organized than ever before. Manage your item pages with ease, generate reports, and keep track of donations all in one place. 


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